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I’M IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!

In some ways, it feels like I never even left, but in other ways, all I keep thinking about is, “Was America always this AMAZING!?” And I’ve only been back for 2 days.

My flight back was insanely nice compared to any other modes of public transportation that I take in Cameroon. I had my own seat and wasn’t swapping sweat with a stranger, there were clean (and flushing) toilets on the plane with water and soap for hand washing, my seat had a freaking tv in front of it where I indulged in all sorts of movies and TV shows, and there was even people serving me food! And on my way back from Brussels, I even had 3 seats all to myself. Whaaat?

My first 2 days in the good ol’ US of A have already been super busy, with no time for napping. Thus far, I’ve checked off from my list: eating fro yo, catching up with a few friends, getting my camera cleaned, making a trip to REI and the mall (which took excessive amounts of self-control!), eating deliciousness that included Chipotle, getting my first (real) haircut in 1.5 years, and even a pedicure!

In some ways, it’s been easy to just settle back into what my “normal” was for 22 years. But in other ways, there’s still some definite culture shock. When I had a layover in Brussels to visit Alex, I was bracing myself in the car as we zoomed down the highway. Apparently I was the only person who thought that the ride was “zoomy” because I was so used to potholey roads. I felt the same thing on the way back from the airport in the US.

As I ate my Chipotle leftovers for breakfast, my dad asked me why I was eating it cold…and then it dawned on me that there was a microwave at my disposal! And for the first 24 hours, every time I went to the bathroom, I would turn on the faucet to see if water was still running. Classy. And, today while getting my hair cut, the hair dresser had just turned down the heat of the blow dryer, but not knowing this, my first thought was, “Oh, power is probably going out…”

My bad!

Despite being super busy already, I’m trying to soak it all up while I can. It’s wonderful to be here, but I also miss my friends, both Cameroonian and Peace Corps. And, of course, I miss my little rascally pets!


– Ummm….being HOME!

– Getting through the airport in Yaounde without any issues

– Seeing fam/friends already

– Eating fro yo

– Getting to go on a nice, flat run

– Coming home to beautiful weather

– Coming home to a lovely “welcome home package” from Ms. Moore!

– Being able to drive


– Easy flight over from Cameroon

– Everything!


– Being mildly sick for the past few days

– Not having any time to really just sit down and chill out because I want to do too many things

– Not having any pets to come home to 😦

– My computer is officially deadsies. That means I’m now on the hunt for a new computer

Well, tomorrow, I’ll be headed for Hawaii, so I better get packin’. 🙂


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  1. Melody Porter

    YAY for homecomings, Wes! Any chance I can see you while you’re home? Lemme know if you’d be up for a visit – I’ll be around your way (Baltimore) at the end of Decembre. (French to make you feel at home.)