Reunited with Pumba and Timon in BaZoo

After a nice sweaty ride back to post (having waited nearly 2 hours for a private car…but then finding luck with only a bus), I made it back to Bazou on Monday. And after many many calls to Camtel (and the help of several PCVs), I finally got my internet USB key working again.

It felt a little oddly normal to be back. After all, it’s been ‘home’ for the past year. Once I got back to my house, I was met at the door by my beloved Pumba, followed by little Timon, who has made a nice recovery since having been…err…mauled…by Pumba right before I left. Oops. They both look AWESOME though with their new matching collars with their names on one side of their ID tags, and “Don’t eat me” (in French) written on the other. Classy.

Seeing the Kenne family was also really great, and they were kind enough to pick me up from the “bus stop” (ie the side of the road) to take me back the last 30 minutes to Bazou.

Aside from that though, it’s been a bit of a transition coming directly from the US. There’s not much that can mentally prepare you for the relentless, “La Blanche! La Blanche!” and “What did you bring back for me?” (coming from random people I barely even know, mind you.) I think I’d almost forgotten about how loud people like to talk/yell, how there are really no lines for anything, and how little manners are taught and learned. It was nice, though, that I did get quite a few, “Welcome backs.”

I went and taught my usual health class on Wednesday, and it was good to have at least something to do. But the kids seemed unusually rowdy (or maybe I’d just forgotten?), even though I’d brought back goodies for all the kids who showed up a l’heure – on-time, and also things for the top “team” in the class and top 2 students. I ended up sending a handful of kids out of class.

Aside from being greeted in village by my two furry sidekicks and friends in village, I was also greeted by some sort of low-grade fever. There’s nothing that says, “Welcome Back!” like being sick. Oy.

On the upside, though, another PCV came to visit me in Bazou. We nommed on some good Indian food and Hickory Farms cheese from the good ol’ US of A. The company was also just as wonderful as the food we feasted on.

Tomorrow I’ll be headed to Bangangte to help a new PCV get some things for her house, and then at the end of next week, I’ll be headed to Yaounde for Mid-Service (ie we have to get a ton of medical exams and give poop samples. gross.), and the week after I’ll be hiking up Mount Cameroon! So at least I have some things to look forward to as I continue to readjust to life back in CamCam.

For now though, ciao!


Wes, Pumba, and Timon (aka McSnuggles)



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